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Become an Active Donor Member

We invite you to become an active donor member of WAGEP. Your membership ensures your active participation in our monthly and annual events in the United States and across Africa.  

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Donate Clothes

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Donate Cash

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"It is more blessed to give than to receive"-Act 20:35

WAGEP International is a non-profit organization that relies solely on the generous giving of its donors. Donations are used to service the following projects:

1. Job training & employment services for women

2. Schools for girls

3. Healthcare clinics for women

4. Financial workshops for women


Donors can choose to donate to any of the single causes above, or donate to the entire group of causes. 

To make an in-kind donation to us please reach out to our wholesale partners, the Bargains Group. Not only will you get the best value and provide WAGEP with the essentials we need but, they will also provide extra donations to support us!

Contact : or call 416-785-5655 to place an order.

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