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About Us

Creating Meaningful Impact

Since our launch in 2000, the team at wagep international has worked tirelessly to promote our cause. We are fortunate to have volunteers and staff from all walks of life who bring their unique expertise and resources into everything we do. This is what enables us to achieve our goals year after year.

While there is always more that can be done, there is no doubt that we are making a significant impact. We don’t measure our success through just facts and figures, but through happy faces and heartwarming feedback. See how you can become part of the difference.

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Our Philosophy

Creating Something Better together

At wagep international, we take pride in being problem solvers who are not afraid to take risks. We believe that with boldness, creativity and heart, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. But above all, our strength lies in teamwork. Each and every one of us has the capability to contribute, no matter our experiences or backgrounds. "There's strength in number". Just imagine what we can achieve together.

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Mission Statement

To provide exceptional services to every woman that comes seeking our help, and to build long-term relationships with our individual and corporate donors through trust, transparency, and truthfulness.


To ensure that every African woman has a voice in determining their own future.


Our Core Values

  • We do not turn anyone who comes knocking on our doors away. Everyone is treated with dignity and with respect.

  • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.

  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our non-profit functioning.


Detailed Services we provide

WAGEP Internationale currently provides the following services to women:

  • Free legal representation for women and girls whose rights have been infringed upon.

  • Free visits to clinics and hospitals for women who can't afford basic healthcare.

  • Free leadership workshops and seminars to prepare women for active participation in the political process.

  • Free business preparation and women’s economic empowerment seminars to prepare women for the business world.

  • Elementary and high school building projects to Provide education opportunities for girls snd women

  • Free job-preparation workshops for women to prepare them for the workforce, and helping them secure jobs 


Our Objectives

  • Provide access to basic utilities to at least 1 million women in Africa by 2029.

  • Provide access to basic legal representation and basic healthcare visits to at least 1 million women in Africa by 2029.

  • Provide job readiness and skills workshop for at least 1 million African women by 2029.

  • Provide a pathway for the African women with natural talents to be independent businesswomen by 2029.

  • Expand our presence to at least 25 African countries by 2029.

We are on a mission

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